Animas Credit Union Savings Accounts
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Animas Credit Union offers a wide range of insured savings accounts to match your short-term and long-term investment needs. There are even automatic plans to make it easier to save.

Regular Savings

This dividend-earning account establishes your Animas Credit Union membership. With our tiered rates, the higher your account balance, the higher the dividends you earn. Dividends are credited to your account and compounded every month. A deposit of $5 is all it takes to open the regular savings account; a balance of $5 or more will earn dividends. There is no monthly service fee.

You can also open unlimited sub-accounts for any purpose you choose, such as a vacation or college fund...the possibilities are endless!

Andy & Anna Moose Kids Club Accounts

A Kids Club Account is a great way to begin teaching children 12 and under about money. It only takes $5 to open the account, and a $5 minimum balance earns dividends.

Holiday Club Account

Saving money for the holidays is easy when you set up an automatic transfer from your Credit Union account to your Holiday Club account. On November 1, the money is transferred to the Credit Union account you choose.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

You may invest in a CD for as little as $500, from terms of 6 to 60 months. Members age 50 plus and accounts with balances over $25,000 earn additional dividends!

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)/IRA CDs

Animas Credit Union offers two types of Individual Retirement Accounts to meet your needs: Traditional and Roth. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) can also be designated as an IRA. Learn more here.

Education Savings Account

A tax-free Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) can be used to pay qualified elementary, secondary, and college education expenses. Learn more here.

Come in to any Animas Credit Union branch office to open your account and begin enjoying the benefits of credit union membership.